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Free to GP Practices and Patients

We offer at least one quality Facebook posting per week to persuade patients to contact practices using digital tools e.g. NHS App, GP Online Consultation. We do the work of creating persuasive content, so you don't have to.  You can make use of these by:

  • Having your Practice FaceBook page like our Digital Health Coach UK FaceBook page [then your patients will see our posts automatically on your page]. Over time this should shift patients from phoning you to using Online, reducing your workload

  • Emailing the link for our Digital Health Coach UK Page to your patients

  • Using our pages like  a patient leaflet and sending the link via AccuRx after a consultation

How we plan to make money

  1. Over time, as some patients 'like' or 'follow' the page, Facebook will pay us a small amount of money to show them adverts

  2. We plan to review health apps and devices e.g. Fitbit or FaceBook portal, and to include referral links for those, which may earn a small amount of money

  3. CCGs may pay us to do the work to promote these pages directly to patients in other ways, e.g. by presenting live to PPG groups or other patient forums

  4. Other consultancy services

Your patient's information is safe

  1. We don't take your patient information outside of Facebook

  2. When your patient's join Facebook they accept FaceBook's privacy statements etc.

  3. We do not use FaceBook pixel tracking or other tracking

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