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How to access your Hospital medical records online 

In this article we discuss:

  • Does the NHS offer Hospital Records [can also be called Personal Health Records [PHR]] in my area?

  • Are Personal Health Records right for me?

  • How a Personal Health Record could help me?

  • Videos about Personal Health Records

Does the NHS offer personal health records in my area?

Different areas of the country and different hospitals [and other health-care organisations, are making different types of personal health record available, so:

Is a Personal Health Record right for me?

People who find using their hospital Personal Health Record include:

  • people with a long term illness who have regular hospital visits, or regular tests

  • carers - people who look after other people with a long term illness

  • people who want to see what their doctor has written about them

How a hospital Personal Health Record can help you

  • You can see your [or someone you are caring for] medical records online, including letters, test results and appointments

  • You may be able to exchange messages with your care team

  • You may be able to access care plans, and other resources to help you look after yourself 

  • You can add your own information, e.g. symptoms, or blood pressure results

  • You may be able to connect wearable devices, for example, a pulse-rate tracker

  • Track and monitor symptoms

  • You can share your information with carers, and other professionals, for example if you need to go to hospital while on holiday

Please look at these short videos about Personal Health Records

The videos below are from patients who use Patients Know Best, which is used by the most number of hospitals across the UK. 

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record