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Digital Help with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting families, communities and the NHS under strain like never before.

But you can take control, by getting ready now in case you get ill. The checklist below shows how you can be ready to deal with COVID-19 better, and help the NHS at the same time. 

COVID-19 Preparation Checklist

  1. Visit your GP Practice Website and book-mark it into your phone, and other devices

  2. Make sure you know how to use your GP's Online Consultation service, so that you can get hold of them easier online. This makes it easier for your GP to deal with any problem quicker, and keeps the phone lines clear for older people, who are likely to be sicker, and not able to use digital tools. Check out our guide to Online Consultation here.

  3. Make sure you know how to use 111 Online, and that you understand 111 First, which means you should contact 111 before going to A&E. Bookmark 111 Online on your phone and other devices. 

  4. Make sure your home first aid kit has a decent thermometer, and consider adding an Oximeter to your First Aid Kit. If you get an Oximeter, make sure you test and practice using it with all the family, so that you all learn what the different Oximeter readings mean, and you work out 'what's normal for you'. Check out our article on Oximeters.

  5. Download and register on the NHS App - using the App will save both you, and your GP time.

  6. Use the NHS App to manage any repeat prescription requests, this will save your time, and your GP's time too. 

  7. If you look after anybody else's health needs, discuss with them asking for Proxy Access to their health records using the NHS App, to save your time, and their GP's time when managing their healthcare.

  8. If you are planning to use a smartwatch or fitness tracker to monitor your blood oxygen levels [SPO2], check out our Blogs, so you understand what works well, and what might not work so well. 

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