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Better weight-loss from using digital bathroom scales

We all know the drill, 'I'll just hop onto the scales to see how my fitness programme is going'. You jump on, and watch the scale rock back and forth until it settles. It settles on 2lb higher.

  • Crushed, you worry about how that happened. But I've been walking an extra 2,000 steps a day, been for a swim, was it that glass of wine?

  • Or, you can't remember what the last measurement was, it's been a while. 

  • Or, you can't quite work out if your weight is trending up, or down, and end up bargaining with yourself.

  • What rarely happens is you record your weight and track it on a graph.


Above all, what you learn from this experience is it's unpleasant, de-moralising and doesn't actually tell you much about what's going on with your body. 

Checking Weight

But there is a better way to stay motivated to lose weight

By using digital scales linked to an App on your phone, you can see the hidden changes that you will miss with mechanical scales e.g 

  • Body fat and muscle composition

  • Be able to see each measurement as part of a longer-term trend

Personally, I find with this extra information I understand better how my body is responding to changes in diet and habits, and it's easier to remain motivated. 

Stepping onto the scales can become something to look forwards too, in the early stages of a fitness plan you might shed fat, put on some muscle and actually gain a little weight. 

Digital scales can help you get over those first hurdles by showing you what's really going on. 

FitBit WeightLoss Graph.jpg

Digital bathroom scales - Bluetooth linked to your phone

By linking your bathroom scales to your smartphone using blue-tooth you can track changes in your weight using a graph.

Having a graph lets you see each week's wobbles up and down in a longer-term context.

Having a graph showing you changes over the month can help your reflect on how things have gone over the month, what has worked, and what may have set you back a little bit, maybe Christmas, a holiday, Easter, or some other reason. 

Having continuous data can help you learn what works for you and support you keep motivated.

You can also share this information with friends, or with your GP Practice if you need to. 

Eating Salad

Table comparing Digital Bathroom Scales features

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