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Flu Vaccine - can my older teenager/6th former get a NHS one?

Unfortunately, unless your child is at school [or homeschooling] in Year 1-11, or has a long-term health condition, they don’t qualify for a free NHS flu vaccination on the winter 20/21 scheme.

They can still get one [if you pay around £14] from a high-street pharmacy, and you can book appointments online.

For example, Lloyds Pharmacy offer a flu vaccination, in-store, for anyone over the age of 12.


Click here to book one online:  Booking link

Link to NHS advice


Other pharmacies:

  • Boots - If you’re not eligible for an NHS (or HSC) vaccination, our private Winter Flu Jab Service is available in most Boots pharmacies across the UK for people aged 16 and over

  • Superdrug - Children: The flu jab is suitable for children over the age of six months. For young children please call to check availability with your local pharmacy first. Superdrug does not offer the nasal flu vaccine for children. Booking link

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