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GP Record Access - Next Steps

If you have got this far, and you would like to request online access to your GP Record, please download, fill in, and send one of our forms to your GP Surgery.

You can send the form by:

- email 

- uploading through GP Online Consultation [if that's a service offered by your surgery]

- printing, signing and posting [use the red PDF button] 

Please click the images below to open your form. 

We would like your anonymous feedback

Digital Health Coach UK hopes you found these web pages useful, and that we helped you learn about the benefits and challenges of GP Record Access. 

To help improve the information on our pages, and to help us understand what people feel about GP Record Access, if you can spare the time, please fill out the form below.

We will not be asking for information that identifies who you are [which is why we ask for ages in bands [e.g. 60-64], and the first part of a post-code rather than a whole post-code, and so on. ​​

Please click this link to fill out the survey, it will only take a few minutes.

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