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NHS digital tools can really save time for a carer, in this article we explain how

Phoning your GP can be stressful, and waste a lot of time. If you are managing your own care, and someone else, things can really mount up. Below we show you how different NHS tools can help save you time.

Every GP surgery across England is different, and they offer the services we are going to talk about in different ways, using different tools.  Please bear this in mind when you try these new ways of doing things out. 

Carers - Phone the GP less - use GP Online Consultation

Rather than wasting time hanging on a telephone queue waiting to speak to a GP receptionist, did you know you can go to your GP's website and send in a message about your problem, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

  • most GP Practices will respond to these messages in two working days

  • most GP Online Consultation systems let you write in what your problem is [if it's a question rather than checking your symptoms]


The GP Practice will decide the best way to meet your need, by:

  • messaging you back

  • arranging a time for a phone call or video call

  • contacting you to visit for a face-to-face appointment


Most of these systems will let you do this for someone you care for, for example, if your Mum is registered at a different GP Practice, you can still use this system to get help with your Mum's care, so long as you send the message from your Mum's GP Practice. 

To find out more about GP Online Consultation, visit this page on our site.

If you visit the NHS.UK website you can search GP Practices by area, find the right one, and find links to their website and a link to the GP Online Consultation system that they use.

Carers - Phone the GP less - use the NHS App get Proxy Access

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