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Manage your health better with Digital tools

Here at Digital Health Coach we believe that digital tools can help you manage your health in a number of ways:

Digital devices like modern bathroom scales, thermometers, oximeters, and blood pressure monitors, alongside Apps or websites, can;

  1. Help you understand what your readings mean,

  2. Advise you if and when to seek help,

  3. Remind you of your last readings,

  4. and even plot them on a graph for you.​​

All of this can help you learn how your lifestyle and behaviours affect your body, and your health.

SmartPhone Apps, websites and online services can support you through changing habits, learning new behaviours and in the really challenging life-style changes needed to improve your health. 

In our articles we will [eventually] cover the following topics, monitoring and managing

  1. Body weight, lifestyle and diet

  2. Blood pressure, the silent killer

  3. Heart health, too much information?

  4. Getting better nights sleep, and Sleep apnoea

  5. Better exercise habits

  6. Loneliness and isolation

  7. Suicide, depression and anxiety

  8. Surviving domestic abuse

  9. Lung diseases, monitoring lung health to manage Asthma and COPD

Each article will look at what help is available from:

  • Free online NHS resources

  • Apps and websites

  • Online support groups

  • Digital devices

We will provide links to relevant clinical evidence, when papers are available free-to-access.

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