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Which mobile phones work well with the NHS App?

If you have tried downloading the NHS App on your phone, and it's not working, below are some recommendations for cheap phone handsets that the NHS App should work on.

This assumes you already have a SIM card with some mobile data on it, and/or access to WiFi. 

To make this list we have:

  • looked at the NHS Digital guide on what the NHS App needs

  • searched Amazon for good value phone handsets that meet the NHS Digital guidelines

  • at the moment we haven't tested these phone handsets ourselves

  • If you need a new SIM card for one of these phones, we have found a very good deal by Vodafone for a £10/month - the Big Data offer for Vodafone Basics SIM 

Suggested NHS App compatible mobile phones  - handset only

Any current iPhone from Apple on Amazon is compatible with the NHS App [although they are expensive and cost from £350+ each].

Click here to view

Better value options include:

  • FairPhone

  • Samsung Galaxy A12

Suggested NHS App compatible mobile phone contracts

Mobile phone offers change so fast that we can't keep up.

Below are some offers from Vodafone for mobile contracts for phones that meet the minimum NHS App specification, which is:

  • Android Phones [e.g. Samsung, Huawei - 5 (Lollipop) -  although for the best experience on Android, it is recommended to use version 8 (Oreo)

  • We recommend the Fairphone 3+ at £26/month and using Android 10

  • Apple - IOS 11 and above - we recommend the Apple iPhone SE £25 per month and using IOS13

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