Don't hang on the phone trying to speak to your GP Practice

We've all been there, eight thirty in the morning, pressing re-dial time after time.  Trying to get through to our GP Practice. By the time we get through, we're frustrated, the receptionist is frazzled, and most likely, all today's appointments have already gone.

But there is a better way.

If you go to your GP Practice's website, you should find a prominent link to their 'online consultation system'. 

This will either let you message your GP about what you want, or take you through a series of questions about what you need. After this, it will send a message to your GP Practice and you should expect contact back in around two working days, all without hanging on the telephone.

Your GP Practice will get back to you in a way that meets your need e.g:

  • arranging a time to call you for a telephone appointment

  • arranging a face-to-face appointment

  • texting you advice [perhaps as a web-link to a video, or written advice], or an update

Is this safe?

All these systems are safety assessed and will warn you if you need help more urgently than the GP surgery can provide. 

To learn more, please have a look at one of the videos below. 

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