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Order Repeat prescriptions online - easily get yours

I take daily two repeat prescriptions.  I use the NHS App to request repeat prescriptions online from my GP, and they always arrive by post about a week later. This takes me two minutes effort, and it's really easy. 

To make this happen, I have done two things:

  • To order my repeat prescriptions online from my GP, I have downloaded, registered on and use the NHS App

  • To have my prescriptions delivered, I have registered with an online Pharmacy service

In this article we assume you have downloaded and registered on the NHS App already [for a guide on how to do this please visit this article and then come back here]. 

We are now going to:

  • show you  how easy it is to order your repeat prescriptions online using the NHS App

  • discuss different delivery options and what might work best for you

Repeat Prescritions Online
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What if I need my prescriptions urgently?

Delivery from an online pharmacy can take 7-10 days so will be too slow if you need your medicine urgently.

To learn how to get medicines urgently, see our advice page here

Order your repeat prescriptions online in less than three minutes

In this video we show you how to request your repeat prescriptions online from your GP by using the NHS App.