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Order Repeat prescriptions online - easily get yours

I take daily two repeat prescriptions.  I use the NHS App to request repeat prescriptions online from my GP, and they always arrive by post about a week later. This takes me two minutes effort, and it's really easy. 

To make this happen, I have done two things:

  • To order my repeat prescriptions online from my GP, I have downloaded, registered on and use the NHS App

  • To have my prescriptions delivered, I have registered with an online Pharmacy service

In this article we assume you have downloaded and registered on the NHS App already [for a guide on how to do this please visit this article and then come back here]. 

We are now going to:

  • show you  how easy it is to order your repeat prescriptions online using the NHS App

  • discuss different delivery options and what might work best for you

Repeat Prescritions Online
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What if I need my prescriptions urgently?

Delivery from an online pharmacy can take 7-10 days so will be too slow if you need your medicine urgently.

To learn how to get medicines urgently, see our advice page here

Order your repeat prescriptions online in less than three minutes

In this video we show you how to request your repeat prescriptions online from your GP by using the NHS App.

Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Order Repeat Prescriptions Online
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Guide for Patients   Prescription Renewal

Guide for Patients Prescription Renewal

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Mo's Medicines - Electronic Repeat Dispensing

Mo's Medicines - Electronic Repeat Dispensing

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The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) an explanation for patients

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) an explanation for patients

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Next steps

Congratulations, you have ordered your repeat prescriptions online. Your GP will now process your order. Typically, your order will be checked and processed over 2 or 3 working days and your prescription will be sent to the Pharmacy you usually use - your 'nominated pharmacy', which we discuss more in the next section. 

All this happens through a system called the NHS Electronic Prescription Service [EPS]. After an upgrade in 2020 to EPS4, your prescription can be seen and downloaded by any Pharmacy in England, if you go in and ask for it. 

Depending on how your local pharmacy works, they may let you know that your prescription is ready for collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other Apps to order repeat prescriptions? - Yes - many other Apps let you do this, for example: EMIS Patient Access, TPP Air Mid, Vision, Evergreen, MyGP. Also, many online pharmacies have their own Apps, we discuss these more below.

Why do you promote the NHS App more than the Apps above? Gradually the NHS App will have more features added such as helping you organise a hospital appointment date, showing you your hospital health record and so on, we think the NHS App will be the App to focus on moving forwards.

Why can't I see my repeat medicines? 

The NHS App does not display your repeat medications until around 10 days before the repeat ordering date. 

What is my 'nominated pharmacy' and can I change it?

Your nominated pharmacy is the one you usually like to get your medications from. Before the upgrade to EPS4, your prescription had to be sent using EPS to your nominated pharmacy. Your GP may have contacted you to ask which Pharmacy you wanted as your 'nominated' one. 

Now with EPS4 any Pharmacy can download your prescription if you ask. Bear in mind they may not have in-stock the medicines you need, if you just walk in. 

You can now change your nominated Pharmacy in the NHS App. Pharmacies can change your nomination, or your GP, if you ask them. 

If you register with an online pharmacy, they will update your nomination for you, you can't change to an online pharmacy via the App. 

Lastly, no one, not your GP nor a Pharmacy, should change your nomination without your permission.

Is an Online Pharmacy right for me? 

First consider the benefits of carrying on using your local pharmacist:

  • You can get advice when you visit your pharmacist, they will probably have a consulting room, and you can discuss any concerns about your medicines, their effectiveness, and any side effects with your local pharmacist face-to-face.

  • Your local pharmacist knows you, and you know them. 

  • If you have a complicated illness, complicated medicines, or like that re-assurance, these can be reasons to not switch to online. 

  • Your medicines are bulky, won't fit through your letter box or you can't be there to open the door and don't have any alternatives


Reasons you might want to switch to online:

  • You don't like making multiple visits to see if your medicines have arrived. 

  • You don't like spending time queuing for medicines and waiting for them to be handed over

  • You are confident managing your own medicines 

  • Your medicines will fit through your letter box, or can be left with a neighbour, in a safe space or delivered to you at work

If you still think an online pharmacy is for you, we compare a few different ones below. 

Online Pharmacies Compared

Types of Online Pharmacy and additional services

  • Online pharmacies are extensions local or national pharmacies e.g. Lloyds and +Well

  • Most offer a similar service with a choice of ordering methods:

    • Via their website [handy if you don't have a smartphone], they will send your prescription request to your GP for you, this can also be handy if you want to use their additional services e.g. order aspirin ​

    • Via the NHS app [once you register with an online pharmacy they will update your nomination so that new prescriptions go to them directly] 

    • Via other Apps

  • Most offer services such as:

    • reminder message to order your prescription [I find this really handy] 

    • confirmation message your prescription has been received [this is good for re-assurance] 

    • online private prescriptions for Men's Health or Women's Health issues

    • an online private GP consultation

    • online ordering of non-prescription medications e.g. aspirin and other goods

  • Some offer different services, for example:

    • pre-sorting your medications for you into pouches​

    • more information about the processing of your prescription

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