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111 emergency prescription - get one online, or from a local pharmacy

111 Emergency Prescription
You can use 111 online to get an emergency prescription, you don't have to call on the phone

Visit 111 Online to get an emergency NHS prescription

  • The online system is programmed to quickly work out you that you are asking for repeat medicine

  • 111 Online can now automatically book you an appointment with a nearby open Pharmacy for a consultation about providing your emergency prescription.

  • Using 111 Online, there is also no waiting on the phone to speak to 111, and no waiting for a call-back. 

  • You also get a choice of booking an appointment at any late-night or extended hours pharmacies near to you [if there are any]

  • Using 111 Online, your emergency prescription will also be free.

  • Or click the red button below. 

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Visit a local pharmacy to ask for an emergency prescription

  • Visit your local pharmacy - if you already have  repeat prescriptions, and run out, you can go to a Pharmacy,  and they can look up your past prescriptions online on the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

  • Also take an empty drug packet or prescription with you, or show your prescriptions on the NHS App.

  • Pharmacies in supermarkets tend to be open longer than other Pharmacies, or you can go to your local duty pharmacist [community pharmacies take it in turns to open for longer].

  • The pharmacist may agree to issue you a short emergency prescription to cover you until you can get one from your GP - this may be chargeable, even if your prescriptions are usually free

  • You can find Pharmacies near you, and their opening times on the NHS.UK website. 

  • Here's a guide for how to ask a pharmacist for medicines without a current prescription, on the NHS.UK website 

How to use the NHS App to help manage your prescription easier, next time

The NHS App makes it very quick and easy to request your repeat medicines from your GP. To find out more about it, click here

Guide for Patients - Prescription Renewal.jpg
  • How to get an emergency prescription / medicines online
    You can easily and quickly book a consultation with an open pharmacist near you to request an emergency prescription by contacting 111. You can contact 111 by visiting or phoning 111 If you use 111 online you can book a pharmacy appointment near you in the single online session
  • Do 111 do repeat prescriptions?
    No, 111 do not give repeat prescriptions, 111 is only for urgent problems.
  • Can I get a prescription from 111
    You can get an urgent prescription for a new illness, or if you have run out. You can't get a routine prescription renewal from 111.
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