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To help spread the word through your  local community about how to use an oximeter at home to monitor the effects of COVID, we have produced a poster that you can download and print-out. 

Reliable [CE-marked] oximeters can be bought from your local pharmacy, or Amazon, for around £20, are easy to use, and can help monitor the hidden damage being done by COVID. 

If you spot the hidden damage early, and call 111, you can get treatment before you get really badly ill. 

Our website and the videos explain how to do this. 

If people scan the QR codes on the poster with their mobile phones, this will take them straight to:

  • A You-Tube video in English by GP Dr Hussain Ghandi about how to use an oximeter at home. This is subtitled, and clicking on the [CC] option will show the subtitle, which should appear in the language chosen by the user of the phone

  • A collection of video-guides about using oximeters at home. These have been made by different organisations, mainly NHS, on this page.

  • A link to our general advice page on oximeters, which includes referral link

Oximeter - Scan QR Code.jpg
Pulse Oximeter Guide Leaflet.jpg
To download the poster in PDF format, click the pdf image below
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