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Easily arrange appointments with your GP using the NHS App

There is no need to waste time hanging on the telephone when you need a GP appointment. During the COVID-19 pandemic GP Practices have had to make changes to help you as much as possible, but without asking you to visit a GP Practice. This is to avoid you catching an infection travelling to and from the GP Practice, or in the GP Practice itself.

Your GP Practice may be offering:

  • No bookable appointments in the NHS App

  • Only some appointments for example : Blood Test, Cervical Smear

  • Bookable GP telephone appointments

This is because they  want patients with new problems to use GP Online Consultation to send information to the GP Practice first, and then the GP Practice decides hpw best to help you. Each GP Practice is different, nearly all offer a GP Online Consultation, click here to learn about GP Online Consultations. 

All GP Practices offer telephone and video appointment options if you want them, or the GP feels they are the best option for you. 

In this article we cover:

  • How GPs have changed to offer you healthcare in safer ways

  • How to use the NHS App to book an appointment in your GP Practice

How to use the NHS App to book a GP Appointment

In this video you can see how to book an appointment with your GP Practice. You should find this to be quick and easy. 

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