How to get medicines urgently if you have run out, by visiting 111 Online

To get medicines urgently:

  • If you already have  prescription, you can go to a Pharmacy,  and they can look up your prescription online on the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. Pharmacies in supermarkets tend to be open longer than other Pharmacies, or you can go to your local duty pharmacist [community pharmacies take it in turns to open for longer].

  • You can find Pharmacies near you, and their opening times on the NHS.UK website. 

  • If you don't have a prescription, and need urgently a medicine that you are usually prescribed, you can often get a short-term emergency prescription from 111, or a pharmacist.

  • Here's a guide for how to ask a pharmacist for medicines without a current prescription is on the NHS.UK website 

  • You can contact 111 by phoning, or by visiting 111 online [the online system is programmed to quickly work out you that you are asking for repeat medicine]. 

  • 111 will check your medications and let you know what the next step is, including advising where you can get the medications you need.


Use the NHS App to help manage your medicines easier, next time

The NHS App makes it very quick and easy to request your repeat medicines from your GP. To find out more about it, click the button below.