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Why is failure to give patients timely access to their health records a failure of medical ethics?

In the context of upcoming moves to open-up prospective detailed care record access to patients, I found this webinar fascinating to watch.

In the first of this BMJ Webinar series, the panel discussed the ethical challenges, misconceptions, and potential or perceived downsides to patients having access to their health records. They also covered frequent objections such as patient harm, loss of trust and diminished autonomy. Host: Henry Scowcroft (BMJ) Presenters: Charlotte Blease (Harvard Medical School) and Adam Hayden (patient advocate) Panellists: Hanife Rexhepi (University of Skövde), Alex Kafetz (Beamtree), Harlan Krumholz (Yale University) Forthcoming webinars will cover the issue from other angles: - Cultural and professional barriers - Health Inequalities - Bureaucratic, governance and legal issues.

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